LUA Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser


The LUA is a simple Ultrasonic Diffuser with a white durable plastic body, and a perfect fit in a small space in your home, home office or children's bedroom.  

The LUA comes with choices which include a constant mist for up to 6 hours or an intermittent mist for up to 12 hours and three night light effects.  

There is a free essential oil blend of your choice with every purchase to get you started and our view range of Pure Essential Oil blends for any extra oils your may want.

Features include

  • Automatic shut down, switches off when water runs low
  • Mist output:  20 ml/h
  • Three different night light features to choose from
  • 12 month warranty
  • Size 100mm x 100mm x 160mm
  • 120ml tank capacity - operates up to 6 hours continuously or 12 hours intermittently 

Please read the instructions in the box to familarise yourself with how the LUA works and also the cleaning requirements. 


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