KIYOSHI Salt Lamp Diffuser


The Kiyoshi combines two beautiful wellness rituals in to one!  Enjoy the natural benefits of Himalayan Salt to purify and revitalise your home whilst diffusing your Essential Oil to calm and nourish your soul. 

This diffuser really is the best of two worlds.

The Kiyoshi comes with a bag of Himalayan Salts which you can choose to arrange whichever way you like around the halogen light on the base of the unit.  Then, illuminate your salt lamp and choose between five dimmer stages.  

Every Diffuser purchased will come with a free essential oil blend of your choice.  You can also view our range of Pure Essential Oil blends for any extra oils your may want.

Features include

  • Material :  PP Plastic
  • Automatic shut down, switches off when water runs low
  • Mist output:  20 ml/h
  • Five stages dimmer able Halogen light
  • 12 month warranty
  • Size 190mm x 230mm
  • 160ml tank capacity - operates up to 8 hours continuously

There are some assembly stages to undertaken when you receive the Kiyoshi.  Please make sure you read the instruction manual so as to install the halogen globe correctly and also clean the unit as instructed.


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