Lemon Essential Oil


Citrus Limon 

10ml Amber glass bottle

Lemon is a sweet, sharp and fresh citrus top note which is cold pressed from the peels of lemons. The aroma of lemon sharpens focus and elevates the mind, it is clarifying and uplifting. Used in the diffuser lemon can clean the air and deter germs and bad smells.  Can also be used in cleaning around the home, a few drops in the bin liner or a few drops in warm water when mopping the floor. 

Extraction method: cold pressed 

Source: Australia

Aroma: sweet, sharp, fresh citrus 

Plant Family: Rutaceae 

What's inside: 100% Pure Citrus Limon

Shelf Life: Once opened, store in a cool dark place and use within 12 months


* Phototoxic - avoid direct sun within 12 hours if applied to skin in a massage blend

* Do not ingest, external use only

* Avoid during pregnancy 

* Do not use undiluted on skin 

* Keep out of reach of children

* Do not use on young children 

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