Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil


Eucalyptus radiata

10ml Amber glass bottle

Eucalyptus radiata is a strong, fresh woody top note which is steam distilled from the partially dried leaves and branches. The oil is also known as "narrow leafed peppermint gum". Eucalyptus can sharpen, energise and renew focus of the mind when diffused and is also commonly used to clear congestion when suffering from common colds. 

Extraction method: steam distilled

Source: South Africa 

Aroma: strong, fresh, woody 

Plant Family: Mytaceae

What's inside: 100% Pure Eucalyptus Radiata oil

Shelf Life: Once opened, store in a cool dark place and use within 12 months


* Do not ingest, external use only

* Avoid during pregnancy 

* Do not use undiluted on skin 

* Keep away from eyes & mucous membranes

* Keep out of reach of children

* Do not use on young children 

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