Return your empty Essential Oil Bottles


Everyone wants to do their part for the environment and recycle / re-use where possible.  That's why we've come up with an initiative where you can return your empty Essential oil bottles to us and we will go through the process of sanitising and re-using them.

Purchase your shipping label and we'll send you an email with the label that you need to print and attach to your parcel for return to us.  The bottles are can be packaged in the padded small bags or small box from the Post office depending on how many you have.  

What are the terms?

  • The essential oil bottles that you return must have our Scented Drops label still affixed to it.  We will only accept our bottles
  • The bottles should be rinsed out before sending back.
  • We ask that you return 4 or more at a time, that way we reduce the shipping costs for you

What's in it for you?

  • Once we've received your parcel with four or more bottles we'll send you a code to use with your next purchase to receive a FREE Essential oil blend of your choice (excluding our Limited Editions).

Make sure you enter your address in the shipping details when you hit "add to cart".

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