Essential Oils, Rituals and Kids...let's help them manage their well-being

The world is a big place and even as an adult I feel displaced at times so I can only imagine how our little ones feel now.   When I grew up it was still acceptable to play barbies at 13 years old and ride my bike down the street until mum called us in for dinner. 

Now it's different, too often I hear stories of kids feeling the pressure of life and the age that they start feeling this is getting younger and younger which as a mum is SO scary.

My hope for my girls and other children is that they are better equipped with tools that help them deal with stress and anxiety while they are growing up. 

I started to encourage my girls to create little rituals for themselves and remind myself that what I do around the house to create calm and happiness will certainly influence them in later years to cope.

Diffusing is a ritual that happens daily in our home and when I can see that the girls have had a rough day at school or feel out of control with emotions on the weekend, I get them to choose an essential oil that they like and start diffusing it to allow them to relax and talk.   Just because kids don't work in high pressured jobs doesn't mean that their day at school or their feelings about situations should be considered less important then ours. Calm encourages conversation.  

My eldest daughter is 9 and has just realised that the world can be a fearful place where accidents happen and people aren't so nice so when it's time to sleep she is just overwrought with emotional tears.  She can't express or pinpoint the exact reason but the fear is there, it's in her eyes and she says her tummy hurts and I know that's anxiety setting in and as a mum that is tough to see.   It was at this point a few months ago that I introduced my sleep easy roller to her and let her know that this will help settle those feelings for her and now when she's overwhelmed she rolls it on her feet and her wrists and then lies with her wrists against her nose taking some deep breathes until she feels comfortable to close her eyes and sleep.  This simple little ritual helps her.  

My little daughter sprays her pillow and teddy bears with Calm Mist at night because likes the smell and it helps her and her teddy's sleep, she said to me one night "now I've sprayed myself mummy I don't have bad dreams".  This is a simple little ritual that helps her.

Management and conversation is key to helping our kids treat their mind and body rather then wait for things to feel out of control. 

If you use essential oils include your kids in on the process - let them enjoy how the simplicity of the smell can help make them feel better - let them ask questions and create their own rituals. 

Let's give them other options to manage the big bad world. 

 Leanne x 

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