Essentials Oils - How do they work?

If you're new to essential oils or you've found yourself in a conversation with someone who has just discovered the power of essential oils (trust me they can talk under water!)  you'd be forgiven for thinking this "natural way of living" is a whole lot of woohaa. 

But really the use of essential oils dates back to Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs and throughout centuries oils have been used extensively for medicinal purposes, religious ceremonies, embalming of the dead, perfumery and bathing rituals. Even more fascinating is that oils were used to not only as treatments but made into incense and also worn around doctors necks to act as preventatives to ward off disease during the bubonic plague.  

Aromatherapy is not new, but it was plunged back into the limelight a few years ago because the basic principle of addressing the body, mind and soul through aromatic essential oils caught the interest of many people looking for another way to heal and improve their way of life.

So how does an essential oil work?

There are three ways essential oils travel through your body - olfaction, absorption through the skin and ingestion. Ingestion for is a no no unless advised by a certified clinician so it's something I will never talk about or suggest to anyone!

Olfaction is one we are all familiar with. The power of smell and the effect a scent can have on your emotions, memory recollection and every part of your body as it travels through the olfactory nerves to the brain in particular the amygdala which is responsible for emotions is amazing.  When I'm having a bad day or feeling sluggish or moody I use this method to combat these feeling knowing that my mood can quickly change by grabbing a bottle of my favourite essential oils and taking a few deep breathes straight from the bottle (I've even been known to carry a couple in my bag) or of course by turning on my SOL or Kiyoshi diffuser. If you're familiar with my story you'll know how important the power of scent and rituals helped me work through my anxiety back when I started and still to this day!

Absorption is another method making an impact on your body, a way to enjoy and experience the power of essential oils and when applied to your pulse points absorb quickly into your blood stream working to effect every cell in your body. A few rolls of an essential oil roller can help settle your nerves, relax you into a calmer sleep and even help lift your mood.

So where are these pulse points? the base of your neck, inner elbow, inner wrists and the chest are some to try. My most loved place is my inner wrists where not only does absorption happen but I can ignite my olfactory senses by taking a moment to close my eyes, take a few deep breathes of my wrists and feel the power of the oil and the transformative effect on my body and mind.

A side note to absorption is never apply oil neat on the skin, it can cause adverse reactions that don't always happen straight away but can develop over time! Always, always, always use a carrier oil if you aren't buying it already blended and ready to use.

Whatever way you decide to experience essential oils, everyone will have their own story for delving into it and their own belief in how they have or haven't worked. More often then not I hear stories of gratitude and restored hope from newly joined Scented Drops customers and these stories always keep me striving for more.

What has inspired me and still inspires me today is that we all have the power within us to nurture and control our own wellbeing with the help of essential oils and their chemical structure.

I'm always here to help you through your journey of oils, so never be too shy to reach out and ask.

Leanne x




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