Tips on Using your Scented Drops Diffuser

Reed Diffusers are a great way to add constant fragrance to your home or business space and will continue to disperse scent in the air until the oil evaporates.  It’s always important to remember that diffusers are subtle and are there to give fragrant to your area not to overpower a room, we find the best way to describe them is being similar to bouquets of flowers – when you walk past them or enter the room you can smell the fragrance but it doesn’t overpower all of your senses.

If you are looking to cover a large open area we suggest you place a diffuser on either end of the room

  • When you first receive your diffuser remove the lid and insert the reeds. Make sure you do this over the sink or a non-porus surface.
  • Place your diffuser in your chosen room, or if using in a common area place diffuser somewhere the fragrance can disperse throughout the whole area.
  • After an hour when you can see the reeds are soaking up oil flip the reeds over so that the dry ends of the reed are now in the bottle. Make sure you do this over your sink and if you would prefer not to have the scent on your hands, wear gloves.
  • Be aware in the first couple of days the diffuser will be quite strong as it settles into your area. This is because of course the reeds are new and the channels are all clear, as the diffuser settles in so will the scent.
  • We recommend you flip the reeds once a week, this way your scent will remain strong and the reeds are less likely to get clogged up with dust and other particles.
  • A good tip is to use a coaster under your diffuser, not only does it add an extra styling effect to your diffuser but if any drops occur while flipping you will not damage any surfaces. We sell a selection of homemade, original tile coasters on our website 
  • When buying refill oil for your diffuser, clean your diffuser bottle with soapy water and leave to dry before refilling. Our diffuser refills always have new reeds in the package so if you are switching to a new scent make sure you use the new reeds.
  • If you find that your diffuser has stopped working and the bottle is still quite full and you have flipped the reeds then it may be that the reeds are clogged. We have reeds that you can purchase on our website so that you can rejuvenate your diffuser.
  • Once the diffuser has settled in if you think the fragrance is too strong, simply remove one of the reeds. The fewer reeds you have in the bottle the slower the oil will disperse throughout the room

Thanks, The Scented Drops Team

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