The sticks that keep on giving...

“Have you turned your reeds since you bought your Diffuser?”

Recently I was on the phone with a friend who had bought a diffuser  from me and I asked her the question, and it stunned her... “what do you mean turn the reeds? Why?”  I told her to turn the reeds while we on the phone and as she flipped them over one by one she exclaimed "Wow, the fragrance is strong again,amazing! They're the sticks that keep on giving!"

When I relayed this to a few other people after this conversation I realised more often than not people don't even know that they have to turn their reeds Perhaps that's why people think that diffusers don't work well or don't last long?

To keep your diffuser working at it’s optimum you need to turn your reeds. Rattan reeds have channels inside the steam and it's those channels which draw up the fragrant oil and continually fill the room with scent.  

As they sit in your rooms the dust settles on the channels and they can become clogged. Turning them at least once every two weeks will clear the dust that may have settled on top and will kick start your scent throw again like you just bought it. I must admit I love turning my once a week.

If you are going out for the day or away on holidays flip the reeds before you leave and you can walk back into an incredible smelling home.

Don't let them just sit in a corner…look after them and enjoy them for months to come. Remember…They’re the sticks that keep on giving

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