The Power of Essentials Oils In Your Daily Rituals

As someone who thrives off of a positive and consistent routine to manage my anxiety, incorporating essential oils as part of my daily rituals to complement this just made sense. I know that sometimes people are wary of essential oils because they feel they have to be ‘all in’ or ‘all out’ to be able to use them but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Essential oils are not exclusive to only certified experts, and this is the message I want to spread with Scented Drops. The power of essential oils can be achieved even with small daily rituals. I have friends who have incorporated into their usual morning routine using a diffuser with the ‘Uplift’ oil blend while they get ready to set positive intentions for their day.

While this may seem trivial to some, they have come back saying that on days when they forget to do this, they feel off-track and unmotivated. We have the power to control our moods through essential oils in our daily rituals - it’s so impactful, and it doesn’t have to be a huge change!

To demonstrate how the power of essential oils in your routine can impact your mood and overall well-being. I decided to write this blog on the power of essential oils and show you some ways you can incorporate them into your daily rituals.

So...what do I mean when I say ‘daily rituals?’

Daily rituals are the small things you do each day for you. They can be big or small, but overall they are like small acts of self-care. Anything from journaling your thoughts at the end of the day to reflect, a brisk walk or yoga session, saying positive affirmations before you start your day, or having a cup of tea and reading your favourite book - it depends on you! Your morning routine might even be your ‘me-time’ and of course, this is a daily ritual too! You can use essential oils to make the seemingly boring parts of your day intentional and empowering.

Incorporating essential oils into your daily rituals

Once you’ve established what your daily rituals are, consider which part of your day could benefit from the power of essential oils. It can feel overwhelming reviewing all the different blends, so let’s start small. 

First, pick which part of your day could most benefit from essential oil…

  • If getting a good night’s sleep is where you have the most trouble, start with the ‘Sleep Easy’ blend.
  • If you’ve been feeling mentally unmotivated at work, start with the ‘Motivate’ blend or the ‘Uplift’ scent - depending on which you feel suits you most.
  • If you need a relaxing escape to unwind, consider the ‘Marrakech’ blend.

Scented Drops has more essential oil blends but the above are a good place to start!

Once you know which essential oil blend will be best for you, consider how it can be best incorporated into your day. Our main essential oil blends are available as:

  • Wellness Rollers you can roll on your pulse points through the day - a perfect essential for people on the go.

  • Room Mists are great to keep at your workspace or at your desk to use for setting your intentions and mindset before you start working or journalling.
  • Essential oil blends are perfect for popping a few drops into a diffuser as you close your eyes and escape, or while you do other tasks. 

Essential oils can also be incorporated into your day with bath salts, and our face products too. Think about which way would best suit you and most of all be realistic about how you feel it could be most beneficial for you! 

It’s important to be gentle with yourself - if you forget to do a daily ritual one day that’s okay. It’s likely you’ll find the habit easier to instil if you are experiencing a shift in your mood when you miss it. Once you feel that shift, you’ll be raving about the power of essential oils too!

- Leanne x

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