Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body and Soul

When Spring rolls around, we often feel an urge to ‘Spring clean’ our homes and offices, giving them a bit of a refresh to feel more zen. What we usually forget about, is Spring cleaning our minds, bodies and souls too!

I recently came to a crossroads where I needed to make some decisions about my priorities and what I want to put my time into each day. I needed to take a step back, look at the big picture and review where I want to be. I took a deep breath, decided to reflect and make some changes so I could enjoy the little moments, like spending quality time with my girls over the school holidays, by switching off from technology and distractions.

As I looked more and more into ways to find clarity around my goals, who I want to be, what matters most and my mindset, I came across the idea of ‘Spring cleaning’ your soul and realised - in one way or another that’s what I’ve been doing (or trying to at least)! 

Here is my favourite 3-step approach to reset, refresh your mind and feel more grounded - or to “Spring clean your soul”

1. Reflect

Think about where you are now and where you want to go. Before you incorporate any new lifestyle changes, reflect on what matters most to you, set some small goals and prepare to put your plans into action. Think of this as a “mini New Year’s resolution” (you’ll be able to hit the ground running when January rolls around - you got this!)

I find putting pen to paper and jotting down some goals for myself helps me organise what I really want - even just “Find ways to unwind and destress after work” or “Spend more quality time with family” then you can work on how to achieve these goals. 

Spray your room with the ‘Clarity’ Essential Oil Room Mist before you get started to help get into the right mindset.

2. Declutter

There are a few different types of ‘decluttering’ when it comes to Spring cleaning your soul.  Think about the following types of clutter and how they could be affecting your groove:

  • Mental & emotional clutter (Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed with anything?)
  • Social clutter (Are there any people in your life who don’t uplift you or make you feel your best?)
  • Not-so-good habits & distractions (Do you spend more time than you’d like to admit tethered to technology? Is there a habit you want to break?)
  • Your never-ending “to-do” list (Prioritise what absolutely needs to be done today and what can wait)

Not to say that you should cut ties with everything negative in your life (that would be impossible!), but consider these different areas of your life and changes you can make to feel more you. 

What do you feel may be the major roadblocks to where you want to be and being your best self? Understand this and then try to cut out negativity where you can.

3. Create

After assessing and decluttering the negative vibes from your life where you can, now comes time to create! Create can mean something different for each individual person. It could mean…

    • Creating a space for yourself to relax and unwind. This could be a physical space in your house - a favourite chair with fluffed up pillows, somewhere you go to relax and escape like a Yoga or Pilates class, or even a space within your mind where you can go, unwind and forget about your impending to-do list.

    • Create your daily rituals. Your daily rituals can be unique to you and what suits your lifestyle. Anyone can work on creating a positive routine - you don’t have to be a Yoga enthusiast to incorporate small daily rituals into your life. This could be reciting a daily mantra to help you focus, a walk to your local coffee shop for some alone time, or using your favourite skincare products. I like using my Scented Drops Face Oil each morning and night under my moisturiser to not only hydrate and nourish my skin, but also to start and end my day on a positive, calming note.

    • Create a connection and calm mindset. This could mean working on connecting and being more in touch with those around you, or focusing on reconnecting with yourself. Incorporate self-care into your routine and give yourself permission to unwind.

Try to discover your positive habits and recognise how you may feel differently when you miss these daily rituals. I have some friends who notice they start to feel all over the place and realise they’ve been forgetting to switch on their Aroma Diffuser as they get ready in the morning, which was a daily ritual of theirs. It feels small, but sometimes it makes the biggest difference to your mental wellbeing. 

Whatever way, shape or form you decide to declutter your mind, body and soul, it’s important to focus on what works best for you! And, most importantly, remember not to be too hard on yourself if something doesn’t realistically work for you. We’re all human and trying our best. Breathe and keep on going! You’ve got this.

Leanne x

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