It's time to introduce Myself & Scented Drops

Hey there,  

I think it’s about time I step out from behind my keyboard and introduce myself! Standing front and centre is not the most comfortable place for me to be but it’s time to put a face to my brand and share the story of Scented Drops….Nice to meet you…I’m Leanne.. I have a great partner, 2 beautiful young girls and a fat cat…and a love of all things to do with scent.  

I started this adventure when I moved on from an Executive Assistant position I had been in for years. It was a difficult time and left me feeling disappointed that I had given more of my time to my work than to the most important people in my life…my family.  I wasn't ready to return to an office job immediately and fallback into the grind of nine to five ,so I decided to throw caution to the wind and find something that would allow me to be there for my family but give me purpose at the same time so with some help from my mum who has been creating products for years…..Scented Drops was born!

Scented Drops is very important to me, it's a brand that is built on quality and bringing back the importance of scent and it's connection to memory.  I still capture the memory of my Nonna every time I smell Oil of Olay. It triggers the memory of walking into her house every Sunday ready to sit down to a plate of pasta and meatballs.  Every time I kissed her cheek hello I would breathe in that soft powdery scent.  Even though the name and packaging has changed over time, years later the scent can still take me back to that special place with my Nonna. My sister says Gardenias always trigger the same memory because that was what her garden was filled with. I find it incredible how we can both evoke the memory of our Nonna by scent!

So when I see a friend or customer react to a scent and they explain what it reminds them of and the story behind it, it really reinforces why I love what I do.I believe it shouldn't be expensive to fill your home with beautiful scents and create long lasting memories. Don't be scared to reach outside of your comfort zone and pick something you haven't  considered before..try something new because you never know the journey a scent can take you on.  

"Scent is our greatest most potent form of time travel, like an arrow. It tears through layers, it finds the center"  Victoria Erickson

So that's me… the person that individually prepares every diffuser that you buy from Scented Drops and it's lovely to meet you

Leanne xx



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