Simple ways to incorporate self-care into your daily rituals

You don’t have to be a certified essential oils expert or Yoga enthusiast to incorporate self-care and mindfulness into your daily routine. I advocate for this deeply, that’s why I started Scented Drops, for the hard-working humans of the world with minimal time to spare. I felt as though the main topics of conversation surrounding self-care were ‘all or nothing’ approaches, which if anything can create shame for most working individuals humans where switching every area of our lives into an oasis for self-care is just unrealistic. 

I think it’s important to understand that even the smallest or less typical daily rituals of self-care matter most. To feel encouraged and supported, knowing that you can use natural products and unwind with soothing diffusing oils, even if you had one of those days where you felt so busy you fed your kids McDonalds and ate a whole block of chocolate.

With that in mind, here are some of my favourite, simple ways to incorporate self-care into your daily rituals (not including a classic glass of wine or two!)

  1. Make a brisk walk in the morning, evening or during your lunch break a regular occurrence. Even squeezing in a quick 15-20 minute walk in the fresh air is the perfect way to refocus and clear your mind. Soon enough this can become as habitual as brushing your teeth in the morning!

  2. Call up a friend who makes you belly-laugh that you haven’t seen in a while and organise a brunch date. We all get so caught up in our schedules (I’m guilty of this), our social lives seem to be the first thing to suffer. Something like a coffee catch-up can seem trivial and unnecessary, but blocking out time to spend with people who make you forget about your worries for a while is very important! Plus, scheduling in time to catch-up in advance means that this time can be blocked out ahead of time.

  3. Try journalling! Putting pen to paper and writing down your thoughts is a great tool for self-expression known to lift and empower people, to help us understand our feelings, and reach a sense of clarity. I find spraying the room or my workspace with the ‘Balance’ Essential Oil Mist helps restore those feelings of positivity and calmness while I write.

  4. Create a digital curfew. Yep, that’s right, switch your devices off 30 minutes to an hour before bed. I know, as a working individual or business owner, this might seem unrealistic, but I promise it’s so important. The light that our phones, laptops and tablets emit can negatively impact your sleep patterns, which usually leaves you feeling worse for wear the next day. The world won’t implode if you leave replying to an email until the morning! Use your sense of smell to relax, try rolling one of our nifty Wellness Rollers on your wrists before bed too if you have trouble unwinding. I keep my ‘Sleep Easy’ Wellness Roller on my bedside table for easy access for this!

  5. My last, and probably best self-care advice I can give you - get to know your mental limits and to say the big, scary NO when needed. Often times, we fall into the trap of saying ‘Yes!’ to everything and soon enough we have too much on our plates to handle. Slowly learning to be assertive with your time, when to say no, and surrounding yourself with supportive people and practices will work wonders. 

There we are, some equally great, but less common forms of self-care. Your wellness journey is unique to you, and there are so many different paths to wellness, finding what works best for you is always going to be your best solution. And remember, don’t beat yourself up if you forget a daily ritual or can’t resist using your phone before bed, we’re only human! Refocus, breathe, and keep on going.

- Leanne x

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