Looking after your SOL Diffuser

Most of the calming or clarifying moments I have during the day is when my diffuser is on.  It's part of my ritual, I wake up in the morning drop a few drops of my favourite oil in the water tank and have my morning coffee in peace.... bliss ✨

It's this anticipation of starting your own beautiful daily ritual of diffusing that we are all missing one important step to maintain the longevity of your SOL Diffuser and that is that these beauties need to be cleaned at least once a week.  So, if you’re reading this and you've never done it, now would be a great time to start:

  • unplug the diffuser from the power
  • remove glass dome
  • empty remaining water from tank
  • wash tank with 50/50 mix of warm water & vinegar
  • clean water tank and ultrasonic pad with a soft cotton tip (cotton bud)

Be sure that when you are tipping the water out of the tank that you keep the water away from entering the open space in the rim which is where the fan sits. 

Don't immerse your diffuser in a sink of water to clean it this will void your warranty with our supplier.  The tank only needs a little amount of warm water/vinegar inside it to wash.  
If you aren't running your diffuser until the end where it switches itself off then  make sure to empty the unused water from the tank. Leaving the water in the diffuser will eventually erode the ultrasonic pad and can stop your diffuser from working.  

I hope you are enjoying the ritual of diffusing and the moments it brings to your day. 

Leanne x

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