Diffusing around your Pets - Our chat with Dr. Nicole Rous

I have questions weekly about diffusing around pets, especially people who have just brought their new puppies or kittens home and although I have a small understanding of the rules for you and your pets I found an expert in the field, Dr. Nicole Rous of Shy Tiger who was lovely enough to put together a blog for us and shed some more light on diffusing essential oils around pets especially during the Christmas time..... 


Diffusing around you Pets

Christmas is such a wonderful time to get the diffuser out. Different scents can bring out warm emotions and memories related to Christmas and also help us balance the emotional overwhelm of the Christmas season so I wanted to share with you some combinations for the Christmas season that will be beneficial AND safe and provide a few rules to stick by.


Avoid diffusing for more than two hours at a time.

 As well as saturating your own senses, two hours is considered an appropriate and safe level of essential oil diffusion and absorption at any one time with your pets around.

 Ensure your pets can leave the room.

There should be adequate ventilation so they’re not overwhelmed. Pets are very good at knowing what is good for them with essential oils (I’ll tell you one day soon about ‘offering’ different oils and letting them choose, your mind will be blown!

Quality, quality, quality

 Never diffuse an oil unless it is pure, therapeutic grade essential oil. Never use cheap oils, never ever use fragrance oils. Know your source and if you’re not sure, ask questions.

Less is more.

In general, when pets are around, I use approximately half the strength I would if it were just adults (similar to children).  Dogs have up to 40x more powerful sense of smell.   If it’s a large open room it’s less relevant as they will choose to sit where they’re comfortable. Don’t be concerned if they’re choosing to be close, they’re obviously desiring some therapeutic benefit from the oils.

It’s better to diffuse a blend than a single oil.

As well as enjoying the blend, any risk of a side effect is reduced when they’re blended.


For cats to be on the safe side unless under consultation with a veterinarian experienced with essential oils, it’s safer to only diffuse around them every 2-3 days so you’re not concerned about any metabolism issues.

Three favourite DIY oil blends for Christmas that are safe for cats and dogs

  • Frankincense, Myrrh, Sweet/Wild Orange
  • Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli
  • Lemon, Australian Sandalwood, Eucalyptus/Cedarwood/Cypress

Now for when the woody blends are involved instead of making Cedarwood/Fir/Eucalyptus one of the primary oils in a blend just drop it back to a smaller amount. Some have high 1,8-cineole for example or other constituents. They’re safe when used appropriately.

Examples of other very safe oils to add to your diffuser if they are of preference: Roman chamomile, sweet marjoram, clary sage.

Oils best avoided in pets without direct veterinarian supervision: Clove, Cinnamon

Examples of safe Scented Drops blends Calm, Connect, Anxiety and Joy.


Have a wonderful Christmas from Shy Tiger and welcome to ask any questions!


Nicole owns Shy Tiger an all-natural veterinarian formulated vet care range. Her range is vet approved and provides all-natural plant-based health support for dogs through a range of serum and sprays, because your dog deserves the best natural pet health support, so they can live their best life.  Head over to  her website to have a look at the beautiful collection she has for your furry family member Shy Tiger Health


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