5 Steps to Avoid the Pressure of the “Perfect” Christmas

While in movies Christmas time looks picture-perfect, spreading holiday cheer and having fun, in reality the holiday season can be a stressful and overwhelming time for many of us. If you’re like me, you get in over your head planning the perfect Christmas but this leads to unrealistic expectations and added stress on top of your usual juggling act of family, work and your health. This year, I’m cutting the unnecessary pressure of the “perfect” Christmas and following these steps to make Christmas time feel a little bit lighter (and more cheery!)

1. Prepare and plan ahead

The first step is to prepare yourself and plan ahead. When it comes to Christmas shopping, the thought of entering a shopping centre during December is enough to make me want to throw in the towel. If you are venturing out, try planning your shopping ahead of time or going during quieter time. Calm your mind and body before and after going with some meditation to avoid getting overwhelmed or feeling drained. Personally, in today’s digital age, I actually prefer to shop online when I can. It has never been easier to click a few buttons and get your family and friends’ Christmas gifts delivered straight to your door.

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2. Incorporate a self-care ritual

When your stress is at an all-time high at Christmas, it pays to have a daily self-care ritual to keep your grounded. Try diffusing your favourite scent (Marrakech blend for me!) to escape in your mind while you complete tasks like wrapping Christmas presents. Having a ritual in your routine also means that you’re making time for yourself each day which is so important when you’re focusing most of your time on everyone else. 

3. Have realistic expectations

This is a big one! It can become too easy to put pressure on yourself to buy everyone the ‘perfect’ gifts, decorate the tree ‘perfectly,’ keep your family happy and entertained, and prepare the ‘perfect’ Christmas meal. Give yourself a reality check and remember that not everything has to be picture-perfect like in a Hallmark Christmas movie. There is bound to be some things that go wrong, and that’s okay! Stressing over the little things you can’t control, although they seem like everything at the time, is just pointless. Remember that the most important thing is the moments spent with your family and friends - not the specific details.

4. Be kind to yourself

Give yourself permission to take a step back and be gentle with yourself. Christmas comes at the end of the year when everything seems to be overwhelming with work, the kids are on school holidays, all while planning for Christmas-time with friends and family. Take a breather and relax. Try destressing by watching a Christmas movie with your family, or treat yourself to some self-care with a massage to recharge your batteries. If ‘me-time’ always seems to fall short on your list, add our ‘Ultimate Me-Time Wellness Box’ to your Christmas list this year. You deserve to relax and treat yourself. 

5. Ask for help

Above all, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family and friends. If you need to set boundaries and say no if your plate is already overflowing, that’s more than okay. My best tip is to make a list, and then divide your tasks into must do, could do, should do. Be realistic about the things you absolutely ‘must do’ and things that can be delegated to another family member, or taken off your to-do list completely. 

Christmas time shouldn’t have to be a time for perfect presents and meals when really it’s about spending quality time and creating memories with your loved ones.

What do you do during the holiday season to avoid the stress?

- Leanne x


Image: Sincerely Media via Unsplash

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